Low and slow

Bajito y suavecito, ese. Low and slow, bro. Chicanos and classy old cars go together like lime and fish. Was it because life in the mexican-american ghettos, the barrios, was so poor that it became important to outshine the white and rich with dope swag (pachuco style) and stunning cars? Cars like the 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline and later the king of lowriders, the chevy Impala 64. Enter the hydraulics. Who would want to have a car that can alter the ride height? Who wouldn´t ese! Remember, low and slow does not mean boring and regular. How about music? Any self respecting vato/a cruizin down his/her avenue would rather sell his dickies pants than to ride without the sounds of A) Chicano Oldies or B) West coast gangsta rap. In this video Danny Trejo and Mister Cartoon get together in the Mecca of chicano culture, East Los, to discuss lowridin and connect to the streetpeople. Mr Trejo and Mr Cartoon take pictures with curious bystanders and basically have themselves a pretty nice day. Take a look at this video to see some extremely nice cars and to understand the concept of lifestyle.

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