Los Rakas

I think Los Rakas is one of the more interesting acts to come out within the galaxy called hip-hop lately. These Panamanian Californianos are always cooking up a hot sofrito of Bay area rap, plenas and reggaeton. As the boundaries of our universe is constantly melting, expanding and changing, it is hard to believe there are still people out there that think that rap should be a black american/puertorican thing, dancehall a jamaican thing and gangsta-rap a Cali thing. Luckily, people like Los Rakas are like hip-hop’s wetbacks, crossing its borders. All minutemen conservatists tremble in fear as Raka Rich and Raka Dun keep expanding their turf. In this video they team up with the Turf Feinz for anthem “Soy Raka”. Other good songs by Los Rakas are “Abrazame” and “Fuego en su cuerpo”.They manage to flex both the chicano culture of Cali, Panamanian dancehall and a general “latino” style.

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