Lo-fi is the new hi-tech

The remake of Britney Spears’commercial pop song Till the world ends by Salem, proves that mainstream music has the potential to transform into something epic. Britney’s vocals on this track are distorted- the voice is dark, almost as if sung by a creepy killer and the phrase”-This kitten got your tongue tied in knots, I see”- doesn’t sound so sweet in this cover version by dubstep trio Salem.

So I’ve never been a fan of Britney but this slow-mo version is just so damn good. Salem are known for producing ”trashy” videos such as this low-budget (a.k.a lo-fi) video which in a creepy way emphasizes on present dark issues such as striptease, military footage and war. The night vision video exposes the viewer to a set of unpleasant amateur-made-like clips enfolding the dark side of life- almost cynically depicting the sublime, the taboo and the tragic, uncovering a pessimistic kind of ”behind-the-scenes-rock-bottom” portrayal.

Perhaps it’s a general criticism of society? – the way we choose not take in all current misery concerning harsh reality? Or even an attack towards mainstream music- the way media constantly feeds us with commercial tunes and undertoned bullshit messages?

Their current dubstep debut album King Night fuses electro, rap, and hip hop beats and has a similar sound to Chrystal CastlesFever Ray andThe Knife. For more Salem videos click here.

Also check out the video for ”Sick” below

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