Liz Ogumbo “Maro pa more”


Liz Ogumbo, a Kenyan singer who resides in South Africa, paired up with Zubz, a rapper from Zimbabwe, and fellow South Africa resident, to give us “Maro pa more“, a track from Liz’s album titled “Ken Soul”, released in October 2010.  With a video as sunny and warm as the song itself by DYMK FILMS, a slight shake and a smirk sneak up on me everytime I hit play (which honestly, has been more than once since I started writing this post).

Liz, whose website you can view here, is quite the multi-talented entrepreneur, working as a fashion designer, running a modeling agency, and maintaining a singing career. Liz worked as a model in the US, which provided her with the inspiration for the track titled “Big Ass in Blue Jeans“, also on the album “Ken Soul”.
Although I have tried desperately to find a website that can translate Kenyan Luo to English, I have had no success. Accordingly, the song “tells the story of ın law drama ın Luo, the song was fırst taught to Lız by her father as a sıx year old gırl”. Perhaps I will send her an email and ask her if she wouldn’t mind translating it for me.

Whatever the actual story behind the song may be, Liz’s all-around girl-power-embodying positive vibes, colorful wardrobe, cheerful beats and vibrant smile create a feel-good music video that I can’t help but wiggle to.


Liz Ogumbo – “Maro pa more”
Filmed, directed and edited by DYMK Films//Vimeo//Facebook//@DYMKFILMS

For more on Liz Ogumbo, go to:


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