Little Dragon visits Cape Town


Little Dragon is a Swedish electronic band which formed in 1996 with singer Yukimi Nagano and band members Erik Bodin, Fredrik Källgren Wallin, and Håkan Wirenstrand . They have steadily grown and are becoming a huge sensation in the indie world. Their electric yet vibrant and colorful sound, is winning the ears and hearts of many different types of music lovers.

On a recent trip to Cape Town, South Africa, Little Dragon gave an unplugged performance of their song ‘Little Man’ right in the middle of a small village.  What makes this performance so magical is the scenery, the audience, and the adaptation . As the video begins I can already feel the vibe of the location – the cool mountain breeze and fresh crisp air is projecting through the xylophones, I thought was a great choice to add. They are being watched like aliens that just landed on earth, but with the music they become one with the environment they are in, which is the beauty of music. They seemed to have captured their audience, even though they were children most likely under the age of 7, the hardest to capture. This was a different type of video, usually offered when a band travels to foreign lands and definitely something we’d love to see more of!


Little Dragon – Little Man

By: WeAreAweseome//Facebook//Vimeo//@weareawesome

Acoustic Performance of Little Man by Little Dragon in Baden Powellville, Cape Town.

Produced by Andrew Berry and Adriaan Louw //@Louwpanther

Filmed and Edited by Adriaan Louw

Sound by TeeJay Terblanche (

Assistants: Mark De Menezes and Callen Jefferson.


For more on Little Dragon, go to: /Soundcloud // Facebook //@LittleDragon

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