Life under the Art


Life under the Art’ is a short film which portrays an artist’s attempt to conquer the art of living a life filled with loneliness. It stages the struggle of channeling pain in order to create something beautiful and tells the story of picking yourself up from a heartache and crossing over. All set in a monochrome Philadelphia and soundtracked by a bluesy tune which encapsulates the state of inconsolable grief. Starring Tyrone Walls, an artist, who takes on the role of an artist wounded by great loss, who manages to make it through to the other side unscathed. According to the director he ‘symbolizes a part of our generation who is fighting for a better tomorrow through the arts and creativity.’

The video was shot in mid-August 2012, over the course of two days, in various locations in Philadelphia, and is written and directed by the Philly-based writer Shanise Redmon, filmed and edited by Stocktown’s own video curator Saba Aregai. The collab has proven to create a heartfelt film which pays an enduring ode to the director’s deceased aunt, and without using any words, radiates of silent visual poetry.

So, why is this piece entitled ‘Life under the art’?

The title is composed of a mixture of elements. It began while attending art exhibitions and always thinking, ‘I wonder what the artist underwent to make this piece.’ I always hear people say ‘there is an art to living life’. That is true, but what is life truly like under the art? The journey to the completed piece of art is sometimes more important than the finished piece itself.

What is the idea for the video?

I wanted to tell a story of an artistic lifestyle, while commemorating the memory of my aunt Joann (the woman in the photograph, which Tyrone is holding towards the end of the film) she meant the world to me and when she passed away I was stunned by her death. My grandfather passed away a few months before she did, and it just felt like everything that seemed right in the world suddenly went completely wrong. Nine years later, here I am still stunned but with a greater understanding of how to channel pain in order to make something beautiful. I also wanted to tell a story of how being an artist is more than canvas and paint. Art is still looked upon by society as an unorthodox career path. But that’s the point, it’s not always a career path it’s means of living, expression and personal survival. I hope that message came through in the film.


Shanise Redmon is a writer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For more on her work, check out her website:


Life under the Art

Written & Directed by: Shanise Redmon // Vimeo
Filmed & Edited by: Saba Aregai // Vimeo

Also check out Saba’s video curator profile here.
Starring: Tyrone Walls

Music by: Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah. Song: Cara

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