Let’s recycle some music

Sometimes people ask me what some of my favorite things on the internet are, I usually reply -”raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens-” at which point I get punched on the arm for making a shitty sound of music reference. However, when I’m not in an assholey mood I tend to reply “-mashups-” which incidentally is a much better answer as it’s actually true, and does not get me punched on the arm.

I like mashups due to my amazing ability to associate songs with certain memories. So, a mashup games pokies of songs I love/hate/recall turns into a weird emotional rollercoaster down memory lane. Lately I’ve been listening and watching a lot of Norwegian Recycling’s mashups, and his stuff is a bit different than what I usually listen to. For one thing it’s a lot more RnB than my regular fare. But more importantly Norwegian Recycling uses his sampled vocals to build new lyrics for his mashups. They usually follow a theme; it’s messy, impressive and works surprisingly well.

Check out more of Norwegian Recycling’s stuff here.

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