Lee “Scratch” Perry

MADE is a venue and artistic collective located in Berlin that has some of the most creative interview series consisting of visionaries from all walks of life, various boundaries and different art forms. The guests seem to embody their craft in the least expected manners.
Featured in this video entitled SCRATCH’N’CUT VOV is Lee “Scratch” Perry, a reggae and dub artist, who recently was highlighted in the series for his way of embodying his environment and spirituality in his creation and overall life. His colourful attire reflects his history and his understanding of the rhythm of his life and it’s no coincidence his art is a refreshing approach to the creative realm we all seem to struggle to find as artists.

He is truly one with his soul and craft and this reflects in his creative process.

Video by:

Matthias Maercks

Sander Houtkruijer

Produced by MADE

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