Le1f’s Sweet and Sensitive Side

This just in that Le1f has a new track and we can all stop what we were doing so we can tune into the audio blissfulness that Le1f prepared for us. I know I find myself in a blissful state, because Hush BB works just like a warm, fuzzy blanket on a chilly autumn day. It blocks the cold out. Fitting the genre just like a hand in a glove, Hush BB is an r’n’b track and it’s supposed to make us feel wavy, warm and soft inside. But Le1f isn’t the kind of an artist that would ‘just’ make another r’n’b track.


Photo: Natalie Mayroth
Photo: Natalie Mayroth

Le1f makes an elegant turn to publish a neo and queer r’n’b track such as Hush BB, starting from a banging hit Wut, he swiftly rounds up his growing opus, slowly revealing himself as a diverse artist capable of delivering tracks that resonate well with time and place. Le1f is already a legend among the artists who started queering the pop and hiphop.

Characterized by a slow, rolling rhythm (between 70 and 95 BPM), hard and heavy beats, slightly auto-tuned vocals packed in 3:50 minutes of pearly easy breeziness, this track is so smooth I’m having hard times staying seated in my chair as I’m writing this and hitting the replay button so badly that I’m going to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The emotion that transgresses is slightly removed but not in one sense enough to lead us astray. Lyrics ‘Imma hush that baby’, references Zebra Katz only as a little wink, and lyrics such as ‘You only hit me up on Mondays’ are playing upon the slightly eerie atmosphere of a lover not entirely wanted.

Hush baby, don’t rush baby…” – hit the play button, and give in to the smooth.



Le1f: Hush Bb

Directed by Alex Da Corte [www.alexdacorte.com]
Asst. Director & Visual FX: Scott Ross
Dancer: Alexandra Marzella
Cinematographer: Zac Rubino
Producers: Laris Kreslins, David Dunn, Ted Passon
Grip and Electric: Jozef Jozefowski, Brit Mock, Ross Brubeck
DIT: Drew Saracco
Hair & Makeup: April Al-Zahrani
Set Design Assistants: Will Kelly, Claire Gillen, Ross Brubeck, Haley Dunn
PAs: Corey Kram, Matthew Larsen, Karl Beyer, Emilia Brintall
Clothing: Telfar and Performers’ own

Music Production: Boody

Produced by All Ages Productions
Filmed at Studio A Philly

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