Lazy dancin’ wit Dirty Paraffin

It’s official that Stocktown X South Africa is a top-notch documentary, what frames the content is the magic of the soundtrack by Daniel Savio, Will-Rock and Dirty Paraffin. The music credits alter the overall meaning and sets the ambiance of the production. Which is why I just have too share these selected videos Drip Dry (2010) and Exhibit A (2010) by Dirty Paraffin which I feel deserve some extra sugarcoating and re-applauding today almost two years later- still as topical and acclaimed as back then!

So basically Dirty Paraffin– a pair of cool cats, is an afropop duo from Jo’burg with tunes referencing to kwaito, pprimustofu, shangaan and old school rap. Made up of DJ Spizee (Zamani Xolo) and vocals by Okmalumekoolkat (Smiso Zwane) creating a colourful pair of eccentric souls producing a fused electronica and dubstep masterpiece.

Drip Dry (2010) is a lo-fi production edited and directed by Ravi Govender, the duo perform a permissive ’lazy dance’ with basic-choreography seemingly effortless with a ”I-do-this-on-a-daily-basis” kind of attitude, the overall vibe is easy-going with included rambling images of chickens, psychedelic patterns and what not.

Music Video: in collaboration with CUSSMONTHLY
Shot by: Justin MCGEE & Jamal NXEDLANA
Animation by: Lex TRICKETT
Styled by: Jamal NXEDLANA & Ravi GOVENDER

Exhibit A (2010) is a stop frame animation, love this beat, shot and edited by Justin Mcgee. Styled by Smiso Zwane and Zamani Xolo, below.

More on Dirty Paraffin, visit:

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