Kings Rule Together

International trends begin as local phenomenon’s, in most cases, but it takes a major innovator, creative mind and dedication before it reaches any level of prestige. Winning the hearts of a couple at a time can take a catchy phrase and create something bigger than just a brand.

Curran J. Swint is a local Philadelphian stylist who is not a stranger to east coast street culture. His style is one to find inspiration from and defiantly his own. With this he has created a movement bigger than street wear but something to live by; becoming the kings and queens we were destined to be, together as seen in the interview above, Kings Rule Together. His clothing line and overall goal in bringing positivity to his community and beyond, as well as instilling the mind set that we are royalty, showing Swint is creating more than just a brand but a lifestyle that will without a doubt make it beyond domestic borders.

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Derrick Woodyard

Artist/Stylist: Curran J

Printing: OKG Design

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