Kids Be Swaggering


Heard that Azonto was originally a dance for workers; a rhythmic pantomime to show what kind of work you do. It”s spilling beyond Ghana where the style ignited, all kinds of youtube tutorials, shows and performances. These kids though – especially the one that rolls up on the 2:37 marker is killing it. Reminds me that dancing should be like breathing – automatic. Best to be honing those rhythmic skills when you”re a kid, when all you got on your hands is time and no worries.

In fact, the kid in the train conductor get-up makes me want to put all reservations aside, stand in front of a mirror and school myself some Azonto. I mean, he even uses his lips to groove to the beat. It”s killing me, I am a total Azonto convert!

“Azonto Kids” 2012
(Song By Dem Tinz Feat Pesie – Ab3 – Prod By Jaykings)// @DemTinz

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