JR: Everyday Heroes

Stocktown is all about harnessing the tremendous positive urban vibe out there, and those familiar with TED: Ideas worth spreading know that those folks too have an eye for spotting social entrepreneurship. Globetrotter par excellence and street artist JR, anonymous yet with a French-connection, was awarded the TED Prize 2011, chiefly for his immensely well-received series “Women are Heroes” back in 2008, in which African and Brazilian faces and facades were fused together spectacularly. Four videos stand out as irrefutable evidence of the artist’s ongoing and never wavering sympathy for ordinary people, be it in favelas in South America, suburbs in Europe or remote rural areas in Asia.

The main feature, directed by the artist himself, is a brief and suggestive intro to a project of his in 2010, “The Wrinkles of the City”, a-  for lack of a better word; tribute to the elderly, but also a reminder of how cities, like Shanghai seen in the short-film, are living and breathing spaces that deserve our care. Next is the teaser of last year’s urban mission, “Inside Out”, a sped up how-to-participate bit inviting you to share your wall-papered face with the world along with your two cents on how to improve this ecosphere of ours.

In the third video, the visuals of “Women are Heroes” are cut together into a beautiful montage displaying hopeful, strong and fascinating women portraits. Finally, take the chance to hear JR talk as he’s interviewed in conjunction with the most recent highpoint, the prize. Recognition sure is nice for those who work hard to warrant it, like JR.

Credits: The main and the second one were shot by JR, music by Jean-Gabriel Becker for Sounds & Sons. The trailer, video three, also by JR and further accredited to Social Animals on Vimeo. The fourth one is by TED prize; Production house: COSA and Post-production studio: OTRA / NightShift.

JR: https://jr-art.net/

TED Prize: https://www.tedprize.org/
TED: Ideas worth spreading: https://www.ted.com/

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