Jagwa Music


Jagwa Music is a band from Tanzania that usually perform their energetic, noisy dance music in the streets of their home town Dar es Salaam. They use a couple of old Casio toy keyboards, amplified by a noisy sound system, and a whole lot of traditional drums. Friends at the record label Crammed Discs first brought Jagwa Music to my attention, and we eventually decided to try to bring them to Sweden to perform at the Clandestino Festival. I made brief interview with the band, and since there is hardly any information available about them, check it out:https://www.clandestinofestival.org/2012/en/jagwa-music/

Jagwa Music – Live in the Streets of Dar es Salaam (2012)

Dickson George
David Sevuri
Werner Graebner
Video Editor:
Mathews Anthony
Producer & Sound:
Werner Graeber// By: Crammed Discs: www.crammed.be //https://vimeo.com/crammed//@CrammedDiscs

For more on Jagwa Music check their Facebook profile, or visit;  www.jahazi-media.com/

Clandestino Festival is an alternative music festival which takes place in June 8-10 (2012), showcasing international artists from places that have been shaped by the global migration wave, bringing an innovative alternative sound to the commercial mainstream culture. The festival also includes other forms of art and conversation and organizes a series of individual concerts and warm ups – for the fourth year running festival tour Clandestino Botnik 21-22 July 2012.

For further info and updates, visit  the website and follow them on Twitter:

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