Israel: This Isreal


A beautiful video montage created by Matty Brown, with a somewhat haunting original soundtrack by John Adams.“This Isreal” explores the multifaceted landscape and culture of Israel. Although smaller than the state of New Jersey, Israel is saturated in political controversy which seems to be forever escalating.

As someone who will admit with shame that I am nowhere near educated enough on the topic to speak regarding the controversy in the Middle East, I have to refrain from writing on the current political situation (although a quick Google search will provide anyone interested with better-informed information). I will say that as someone fortunate enough to be geographically located at a safe distance from the incessant violence and unease of this region, sometimes my mental picture of Israel is the daunting images and bold type-faced headlines I see in newspapers and magazines. This video reminds those like me, that this region is not solely political unrest and leaders at war, but a land full of humanity and beauty.


This Isreal

By: Matthew Brown // Vimeo @MattyBrownFilms

Music by: John Adams (Harmonielehre_ Part III – Meister)

To see more work by Matty Brown, check out his artist page on Facebook here.

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