iPhone junkies anthem

When the first baby iPhone was launched in 2007 it generated a mass appeal enthralling millions of telephone junkies world wide evolving into a global merchandise. It’s only about time there’s actually a song cheering for the invention. 5 years later João Brasil and Marina Gasolina a Brazilian singer/MC (former front-woman of Bonde Do Role) created “Funk Do Iphone” an epitome of our time, manifesting our love and fascination for the iPhone. The song is a homage to modern society’s own collective baby, celebrating today’s Iphone-frenzy generation.

iPhone ringtones are boring but this take revives it all. The chorus is a remake of the ‘marimba’ one of iPhone’s default ringtones translating into a dance hit accompanied by Marina Gasolina’s pitchy voice enhanced by her cocky portuguese. The video collage starts off with a flashback showing the original iPhone premier where a CBS reporter covers the story, followed by the singer dancing and posing with a toy phone and some random footage of kids playing marimbas and showing of some moves.

Man Recordings have done it again!

Released on Dec 5th, 2011 by Man Recordings


Directed by: João Brasil, Marina Ribatski

Produced by: João Brasil


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