Why is it that some are born into security, a life of plenty, and others to a world so bleak? I have no way to answer this yet, I am however left thinking that on whatever end of the spectrum we may be, how do we keep our humanity? This short documentary on the LION BASE crew – 20 young men living in the gutter and slum in Freetown, by the same name, feels like today’s wake up call.

Seeing these young men who’ve been dealt a crap hand, hearing them talking about being abused, falling into a life of crime to survive, and then to come out of it through the efforts of creative catalyst, Mallence Bart-William. She’s been working with them under her project Folorunsho to develop products and collaborations, such as the K1x sneaker collaboration & DCAC Batik EditionIt gives new meaning to Thug Life, transforming the impossible to I’M POSSIBLE.


LION BASE documentary – Trailer
Cameras: Idriss KpangeShawn PetersBarron Claiborne
Edit: Yvanna Lacémon
Music: Visions by Patrice


Read more about the project on folorunsho.net
Also avaliable @ Vimeo// Facebook/ /@_folorunsho_

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