Meron – Curator of the week

The hood philosopher from our most beloved podcast show ‘Menage à Tugg’ a.k.a Meron, shares a diamond in the rough video with us. The short film entitled “Pierre” portrays a middle-aged man’s most unexpected crossroad of life.

Pierre is a man who’s chosen to pursue his dreams late in life; leaving a “going nowhere” kind of life in Paris, only to walk the boulevards of Hollywood, masquerading as Spiderman. Returning to childhood texts to win him back, fantasies as a father, with less than total control of life, wishing for his son to keep his dreams alive…

“Pierre” is a short film created by Gregory Jennings and Alexis Wanneroy for Hello Stranger– “created in order to film and share portraits of everyday people with a story to tell”.

Watch it below:

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