How old-skool(er) are you?

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One of the biggest issues all subcultures have to deal with when mainstream finds them, is the simple question; how do we keep our soul from being swallowed by the big mainstream machine? What can we do to make sure that our passion, our goals for our art form, our way of life is kept intact and not eaten by corporate greed?

When publicity comes knocking on our door, do we answer? Or do we hide away in the basement? Are we ready to no longer be odd, wonderful and most importantly old-skool?

That’s what The Skooler Legacy is all about, a short film covering the rise and fall of the skoolers in San Francisco during the early 90’s, produced by Werehaus and Ferris Plock. It’s a film about a culture that grows large and then quickly fades away. It’s a story about friends, youthful ignorance and coolers on wheels.


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