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“Cool Unicorn Bruv” // Short film by Ninian Doff

Transactions of pretty much anything under the sun are everyday street occurrences, from the legal to the barely legal – but check out the somewhat ingenious plot of this short film and tell me this is not crazy! It sure made me chuckle, seeing how writer and director Ninian Doff envisions a trio negotiating over something highly unusual.

I don’t wanna give away the plot too much, but you might guess from the title ‘Cool Unicorn Bruv’ that the deal to be made is a once-in-a-life-time thing of beauty. You gotta give it up for the actors Alex Harvey, Nathan Bryon, Abrahim Jarmin – and the galloping main attraction. As the Stones so clairvoyantly predicted: ‘Wild wild horses we’ll ride them someday’. (Don’t miss the few seconds after the credits!)

Who else to credit? These guys:

Written and Directed by Ninian Doff

DOP: Ben Fordesman

Produced by: Pulse Films

Producer: Seth Wilson

Production Manager: Charlotte Jones

LBi, Pulse Films, Arri Media, Panalux, Smoke and Mirrors

(Also: Mike Clear, agency prod.; Chris Stevens, focus puller; Jamie Goodbrand, sound; Richard Mills, gaffer; Anna Rhodes, ad; Nina Andersson, wardrobe; Sariel Heseltine & Archie Hollway, runners; Adrian O’Meare, vet; Dan Moran, colorist)


On Twitter: @NinianDoff @pulsefilms



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