History Resurrected

We are all in charge of commemorating our past, documenting our culture and remembering the events, moments and even dreams we lived through and envisioned. Our future will only grasp these personal experiences if we document and create timeless stories to represent who we are and where we are going. Lost In A Dream is a beautifully put together auto biography by filmmaker Sosena Solomon, reconnecting with a painful event in her life. She took a very personal aspect, the lose of her twin, and created an artistic dramatization of a dream her mother once had, the reality of the situation and where she is today with the pain.

Besides her ability to artistically tell a story, Solomon is a talented filmmaker on her way to creating a colorful, heartfelt film called Merkato. Merkato is located in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia and is the biggest open air market in Africa. Solomon took on a huge area and managed to find stories that are very different and engaging. This is a film we must all look out for. Solomon has created bridges between her culture and people to a global audience, something we must all strive to do. No one can tell our history better than we can.


For the filmmaker’s Vimeo profile click here.

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