Hip Hop Grannies

I could be wrong here, but once you’re pushing 60-70 I’m guessing hip hop music isn’t too appealing, right? It’s hard to picture a culture where a vast majority of ┬áthe senior citizens actually blast some tunes from an epic Wu-Tang or Public Enemy album. Wu Ying from Beijing proves me wrong, and in this case old-school ironically makes sense in the most literal way.

Hip hop granny down with the kids in China (2007) is part of COLORS Magazine’s dance series, a short film documenting Wu Ying a (back then) 72-year old woman from Beijing and front-woman of an elderly street dancing team called Hip Hop Grannies in China. Since their breakthrough at the National Hip Hop Dance Championship held in China 2004, the team have won many prizes in various street dancing competitions and performed worldwide.

I hope they’re still dancing today, continuing to prove people like me wrong.

Produced by;

COLORS Magazine

Filmmaker Boris Austin

Editing Gianluca Miotto

Music Francesco Novara

Soundmix Adam Lieber

COLORS is an itailan-based magazine about the ‘rest of the world’. Established in 1991 under the editorship of Oliviero Toscani and Tibor Kalman Colors is sold in over 40 countries and published in four bilingual editions (English + Italian, French, Spanish or Korean).

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