Here’s is a little story that must be told: RUBBLE KINGS


Video above: RUBBLE KINGS (Trailer) By: Shan Nicholson //  Produced by Ben Velez & Cristina Esterás Ortiz

 H I P H O P – six letters that became a synonym for a global culture known to people from all corners of the world during the last 40 years. But the question remains – what is the background of hip hop? What was it that made youngsters grab turntables, mics, spraycans and boomboxes to create what today is known as the biggest cultural youth revolution?

To try and answer these questions – Shan Nicholson directed a full-length documentary called Rubble Kings, which is a story about the beginnings of hip-hop, providing insights about how the era was simultaneously marked by violence and gangs in Bronx.

Flyin’ Cut Sleeves – trailer  (1993) Directed by Henry Chalfant // Produced by Rita Fecher

The DIY quality of the documentary ‘Flyin’ Cut Sleeves’ by Rita Fecher and Henry Chalfant increases the trustworthiness of the documentary. A similar DIY approach is also visible in Rubble Kings. What both of these documentaries have in common, is the way the DIY approach transgresses the realness in regards to hip hop. Along with hip hop classic docs such as Style Wars’, From Mambo to Hip Hop and 80 blocks from Tiffany’s’ – Rubble Kings is yet another edition to the gems of historically acclaimed hip hop documentaries.


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