I’m so excited about this new artist coming out the San Francisco Bay Area by way of Los Angeles, and it’s not just cause I myself am from Oakland, BUT – because this wombman actually has mad talent. Queens D. Light ‘Everything Special‘ mixes rooted lyrics with deep beauty, a brilliant beat with a luminous soul, and pulls you up from the boot strings in this 90’s feel/Spike Lee inspired video. Delivering a flow that the native tongues would be proud of, this Bay Area artist sets the tone for the black and proud movement that’s heavily moving throughout the undergrounds of Oakland.


Skilled in front of the mic as well as behind the camera, this queen will have your auditory and visual senses on lock! Are you hungry for music that speaks more to your conscience? Then allow the fruits of Queens D. Light and her crew “Them Hellas” to clear your mind and your palate… iinjoy! 


Queens D. Light – ‘Everything Special’



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