Grime Aint A Crime


The graffiti art culture is no foreign culture worldwide, the art shares the same love and freedom of expression and has been hated and loved for centuries to come and will live forever.

This intriguing film explores the battle of expression by those who live and breath the culture that allows them to explore who they are as artists and thrill seekers and the culture that has allowed them to grow through their individual stories.The other half of the battle, is the side of the oppressors, the corporate culture, the ignorant and narrow minded, the question of authority and who has the right to suppress one individual’s right to express themselves.

In this film we are taken on a journey that will open our eyes to both sides of the tracks, where the train ride is rocky and destined for one big catastrophic collision.
There is no EARTH without the letters A.R.T – for those of you emerged within a subculture that allows you to live life larger than a suit and tie, take a look at the lives lead on the graffiti street scene.

“Vigilante Vigilante: The Battle for Expression” (Official trailer for the upcoming feature documentary)
Director/Cinematographer: Max Good//Vimeo
Produced by: Nathan Wollman


More information visit: /Facebook /Vimeo // @vigilantefilm

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