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There is nothing better than pursuing your dreams. Venturing into the unknown. No plans. No sense of budgeting. No insurance. Nothing holding you back, besides yourself. Visual Travelling has provided a piece of online paradise for those of us who need that extra edge to fall off the grid, and take charge in enjoying the true desire to live life large. It’s never been about the destination. It’s always been about the outside journey, filled with new and exciting experiences. Not always positive, but at the end of the day, it’s all about going for it. Balls deep. Live fast, cause sleep is for the dead.

Holy Cow‘ is’nt a film that requires you to be a skateboarder, its about the thrills of life enjoyed with the bare necessities.Patrik Wallner and his friends take viewers on an exclusive journey to untouched regions of famous destinations. With a camera and friends all prepared for the unknown. If you don’t know about survival insights- Visual travelling is one way to pick up a few good techniques to embrace the foreign lands and cultures amongst scenarios that don’t come packaged in your tourist fanny pack. This is’nt for the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, this is for those who live life on the real and unscripted pages.



Visualtraveling presents ‘Holy Cow’

Directed, filmed & edited by: Patrik Wallner

Featuring: Walker Ryan//@walkerCryan, Laurence Keefe, Kenny Reed, Michael Mackrodt

Illustrations by: Annie Kim

Supported by: Planet Sports


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