Grab Your Dancing Shoes, and your Mother, Too

While the phrase ‘it’s never too late’ has a different weight to an 18-year-old, as opposed to an 80-year-old – let’s agree on one thing – that things can hopefully always occur later than sooner, so in that sense, it never is too late.

Screenshot: Momentum
Screenshot: Momentum

Patrick Hanna started dancing at the end of high school, inspired by a tortilla chip. Did you know that there are countless ways one can eat a tortilla chip? For Patrick, that revelation caused an inner eruption of feeling, inspiring him to become a dancer and even infect his (onscreen) mother, Shoko Ito, with his passion for dancing.

“Whenever there’s a right relationship, in anything, between your mind and your body… that’s where energies create the right relationship, and that I think, is dance.”

Screenshot: Momentum
Screenshot: Momentum

Patrick Hanna is a ball of energy and the way he talks about dancing would make a zombie reconsider his steps.The short faux documentary ‘Momentum‘ (2013) is a beautifully shot short film highlighting the joie de vivre aspect of dancing and a winner of many awards, including Dioraphte Cinedans Jury Award. Its tiny interior setting limits the viewer to focus on dance as a liberating factor, something that depends on alignment of energies, and your sense of freedom:

“How free you feel determines how free you act”. Anyone can dance, says Patrick. Are you feeling those energies yet?

If you start moving to the motion in your ocean, you might get a taste of ultimate freedom and become a dancer yourself before you know it. Or you might just feel something and that wouldn’t be such a bad thing now, would it?

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Starring: Patrick Hanna & Shoko Ito

Written, Directed, Edited and VFX by: Boris Seewald

Cinematography by: Georg Simbeni

Music by: Ralf Hildenbeutel

Created at: Filmarche Berlin e.V.

Produced by: Seewald & Hanna UG

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