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Last year, London-based electro-pop singer/producer Kwesi Sey (aka Kwes) released his critically acclaimed debut EP entitled Meantime (via Warp Records) the major jam is Bashful and announces Kwes’s shyness, he sings about being in love and wanting to woo that person. In this video, the hotel-lift-set deals with the awkward silence when stuck in a lift with strangers, directed by London-based filmmaker Ian Pons Jewell.

We witness a long and awkward elevator ride at a dodgy hotel somewhere in London. With each floor the discomfort and nervous eyeballing increases. Finally, towards the ending,  the elevator riders break loose and do something unbashful: they perform their own quirky solo dance to the tune. I’m lovin’ the beat and visuals, would be nice to listen to this kind of music in an elevator for a change.


For more on Kwes visit https://kwes.info


Kwes – Bashful


Director: Ian Pons Jewell

Prod Co: Studio Murmur // Pulsefilms.com

Producers: Serena Noorani & Tim Harrison @ Studio Murmur

Production assistant: Sam Hill


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