Going Bananas

I’m hooked on Coolie Fruit by Malmö-based rapper Gnucci Banana (Ana Rab) in collab with Schlachthofbronx. The genre-mash up hit, with influences from bounce/cumbia tunes keeps playing in my head ”I want that, I want that tweetie, I want that coolie fruit..” is straight up everything one needs when kickin’ it on the dance floor.

In this video directed by Simeon Frohm, Gnucci herself and the Fajta Collective (produced by Man Recordings) Gnucci makes a stop down to habibi (the renowned Baghdad Livs in Malmö) for some coolie fruit with her girls. The entourage take over the store, fiercely entering and turning it into their hang out place. Who says a grocery store can’t work as a club?

I’ve got a thing for miss Banana and I kinda worship her work…check out Gnucci’s video for Famalama Jam below, shot in the streets of Barcelona, featured in the video is also the artist’s husband and collaborator Spoek Mathambo (previously featured on Stocktown). Directed by Tim Erem and produced Munich-based producers Schlachthofbronx. Outfits made by Lena Buss & Decida.

Click here to check out the artist’s Soundcloud profile.

Also visit Simeon Frohm’s Vimeoprofile here.

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