Ghanaian rappers – beware of the dwarf!

‘That little dwarf is lethal!’ exclaims a YouTube-fan in awe at the lava flow of Mohammed Awal, but this guy is actually not vertically challenged, but just a ridiculously talented 13 year old (12 in this cut).

Awal emerged last year on ‘Talented Kidz’ a tv show for kids, outclassing numerous Ghaneian hiplife artists. He might have been pre teen at the time, but on the other hand he’d been rapping since he was 6.  His main hero Sarkodie (known as Ghana’s best and fastest lyricist) was so impressed he signed him on the spot.

And hey – who wouldn’t? Awal is bound to be a star, and is also desperately needed to balance the avalanche of gospel that is flooding Ghana as we speak. No pressure, Mohammed, I’m just expecting you to save the entire hiplife scene. Whenever you’re ready.

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