From the Streets of Sao Paulo to the World: Wheatpasting


As the largest metropolitan city in South America, and the eighth largest in the world – São Paulo has evolved into one of the world’s street art capitals. In this documentary, we follow artists such as Laura Guimarães, Miurrauze, Thiago Imperio around São Paolo as they explain their use of street art as an escape from, as one artist puts it, the omnipresent oppression and tension in the streets of the colorful São Paulo. Some use it more as a poetic manner of storytelling, while others express their anti-capitalist sentiments through means of this art form, specifically wheatpasting (in Portuguese, “Cola de Farinha”).

Wheatpaste is an adhesive made from water and vegetable starch. Used to stick paste-ups to poles, buildings, or bus stops, this allows the artist the freedom to create the design on paper and then transfer it quickly to a public space. Also referred to as “Marxist Glue,” wheatpaste has an element of rebellion in its very nature, as is the case for most forms of street or graffiti art. “I think the essence of all this urban movement started as a protest,” Thiago Imperio explains, “[Wheatpasting] is as valid as any kind of art or protest.”


Wheatpaste Doc

Direction, edition and camera by: MaicknucleaR

Ft: Laura Guimarães, Miurrauze, Thiago Império, Sickera, Mozart Fernandes, Gosh,

ANIC, Svop, Luiz Lend, Radical Sem Dó Crew, Nakedz Crew and others.

Soundtrack of Fronteira Hits; Zamba.

Recorded in Dec 2012, São Paul


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