FKA Twigs – Flag-Bearing the New Trip-hop

Which wonderous rock has FKA Twigs crawled from under? I wanna know, cause I wanna go right under and soak the amazingness from the source. This young lady is bursting with all the best qualities an artist can muster when premiering to the big world: amazing talent, great voice, mad songwriting skills, dances krump in her spare time, looks to kill for – and having that je ne sais quoi about her. The video for ‘Papi Pacify’ absorbingly invokes references to S&M and the lyrics are accurately descriptive of a desire unleashed from one lover to the next, papi and pacify suggest a submissive, receiving end of the lover’s play.

Still of ‘Papi Pacify’ shot by Tom Beard of Partizan

This sentiment is further strengthened by images of a man sensually overpowering a woman, who is willfully and agreeingly engaging in this social interaction. The black/white aesthetics and a rhythmically aligned interchange of slo-mos to fast-forwards make a glittering topping to this glistening dark gem. Not to leave any suspicion, the joyful alignment the video has with the lyrics is probably due to the fact that FKA Twigs herself has directed it, thus avoiding any possibility of losing her tight grip over her artistic product. Speaking of genres, trip-hop in Twigs’ interpretation, seems to cross paths with R’n’B, and the final product comes across as a happy marriage between the two. I’m looking forward to new material coming from London based FKA Twigs.


FKA twigs – Papi Pacify

Written & Produced by: FKA twigs & Arca

Label: Young Turks

Directed by: FKA twigs & Tom Beard



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