Festival of Color


For many the turn of a season is a time to look forward to the new colors of fashion from Paris to London to New York, but for others it’s a time to celebrate the reawakening of nature’s natural colors. The Holi, or Festival of Colors – is one of these celebrations. The festival is primarily observed in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal as well as other countries with a heavy population of Hindu followers; ultimately a world wide celebration. Holi is a time to bring in spring, to welcome the fresh colors and the end of winter’s darkness. The short documentary above provides viewers an intimate encounter of the festival. The richness of the flying colors and the ecstasy of the people is really seen and exaggerated by the slow motion. The small beauties in life are often forgotten by the fast pace environment we live in today’s age,often provoked by technology. Something simple as one of nature’s gifts to man – color, has become a symbol of statues and other societal stigmas, but there are still places and people that express their love of color such as those in the Holi festival.


Production Company: Variable – WeAreVariable.com//@WeAreVariable// hello@WeAreVariable.com
Post Production/Editorial: The Mill – TheMill.com
Directors/Cinematographers: Jonathan Bregel & Khalid Mohtaseb @ Variable
Executive Producers: John Rule & Mike Sutton
Producer: Tyler Ginter
Line Producer: Viraj Velinker
Phantom Tech: Nick Midwig
The Mill: New York City
Post Production Producers: Dee Allen & Alex Maxwell
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Colourist: Sal Malfitano
Original Score/Sound Design: Salomon Ligthelm – ligthelm.tv

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