Feeling The Beats of Rio


In Rio de Janeiro, there are five things you cannot miss – Christ The Redeemer, beaches, favelas, soccer and music. Just like a perpetual soundtrack, you cannot walk down the streets of Rio without hearing that beat, that maracatù sound that tells the story of Brazil. ‘A Vida No Ritmo’ takes you on a ride through different poor areas of “Cidade Maravilhosa” to hear that musical calling. From Samba, to Brazilian Funk, you’ll listen to stories of life about pain, struggle, joy and hope…


a vida no ritmo’

Directed by: Calum FarmerDesislava Kadra, Hannah Combs
Filmed by: Sebastian SarrauteLukasz Cholewiak, Calum Farmer, Desislava Kadra, Hannah Combs
Produced by: Dorian Needs//Edited by: Lukasz Cholewiak, Ania Poullain-Majchrzak, Calum Farmer, Desislava Kadra, Hannah Combs//Featuring: Anderson Sa, Mauri Poeta, Paulinho Pr, Mc Hemp, Mc Nathan Maravilha, Mc Doca, Mc Galak, Feijahn, Dona Santa//Translated by: Dorian Needs, Carlos Calika, Jose Vicente Silva Freitas
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