Everyday We Be Hustlin’, Hustlin’


Rick Ross might have engraved the phrase ‘I’m a hustlin’ in our collective street/hip hop induced global consciousness, but looks like British producer LV & Okmalumkookat, one half of the Dirty Paraffin crew, just threw down the gauntlet SA style with ‘Sebenza, Sebenza only rest in December’. Oh and by the way, if you didn’t get the riff, ‘Sebenza‘ means work in Zulu. Hate to use words like unique, authentic etc.. but seriously what’s the point of NY style rap coming from some kid in Soweto. And that’s what makes Okmalumkookat so good, and besides he’s not even from Soweto, he’s from Kwazulu-Natal…. His shit is slathered, I mean dripping from dance moves all the way to the accent. No way we’re gonna think this tight video surfaced from anywhere else other than SA, besides who rolls with a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label.


Sebenza, is due out on July 23 on the Hyperdub label.



Directed by. Chris Saunders
Produced by. Olga Grigorova & Chris Saunders
Director of photography. Miles Goodall
Edited by. Malcolm Che’ (Voltaire)
Colorist. Terry Simpson (The Refinery)
Wardrobe and art direction: Jamal Nxedlana
Executive Producer. Linda Notelovitz
Unit Producer. Sello Modiga
1st Camera Assistant. Lee Goodall
Grip. Tyler Geldenhuys
DIT. Frances VJ
Stills Photography. Michael Magagane & Frances VJ
Camera & Grips Equipment sponsored and supplied by. Media Film Service (Johannesburg)

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