Do you know what Seoul sounds like?


Now that Gangnam Style has over 1 billion views, making it the most viewed video in YouTube history, perhaps the general internet-browsing population has a better idea of what Seoul, the capital of South Korea and one of the world’s largest urban cities, sounds like. Gangnam Style pertains to a genre called “k-pop”, short for Korean Pop. “Gangnam” actually refers to a neighborhood within Seoul known for being particularly posh and trendy.


However, according to Voltage, a group of Seoul-based DJs, their sound – a sound far removed from the bubble-gum pop sound of Gangnam Style –  is what Seoul sounds like. With a deeper baseline in their music, and a much darker color-palette in the video, Voltage’s “Genesis of Voltage” carries a tone of its own. This is a teaser for a performance they held in the aA Design Museum in Seoul, on Christmas eve. Below is the music video for the whole track.


Regardless of personal feelings towards K-Pop or electronic music as a whole, there are two facts that this group of DJs present viewers with. Firstly, electronic music will be the music this generation is remembered for in years to come, with dubstep artistSkrillex winning three Grammys this year and a large variety of electronic music festivals spreading throughout the world. Secondly, Seoul has earned its own place in the realm of contemporary pop culture. As Voltage says on their web page, “people will call us the Volt Age, and this is the sound of Seoul”.


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