Dizzying visions

Callum Cooper is, according to his website, an artist and filmmaker based in London/Melbourne. His video work plays with the camera as a tool and with the perspective of the film. Full Circle, the one posted above, is a pretty simple idea, but it’s still a dizzying experience watching people jump rope all over the world.

Full Circle, and the films shown below called- Paradoxical Plane and Sink or Swimall play around with the way we see the world and the boundaries of the same. There’s not much of a story in any of the three short films, but the experience you get from watching it is more than enough. It takes effort to just watch them if you want to keep track of what’s going on.

If you want to know more about how any of the films are actually filmed- Callum has featured some pictures on his website that show the various camera builds used in the productions. They aren’t really what you normally would expect of a camera mount- which probably is why the films aren’t what you expect of a short film either. In any case, I reckon it’s pretty freaking cool stuff.


VISUALS: CALLUM COOPER/http://www.callumcooper.com///@callumcooper//https://vimeo.com/callumcooper

AUDIO: JOHN KASSAB//https://www.johnkassab.com///https://vimeo.com/johnkassab


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