Seriously, the Japanese must have the neon light and LED market nailed by now. Shall we say that before Tron there was Tokyo with it’s bladerunneresque famous city skyline dotted with neon signs and TV screens. Fluoro tubes have since been replaced by the latest and greatest, the LED and has even trickled into the sub-culture of the deco-tora. Literally the contraction of decoration and truck. A sub-culture of customised detailing of commercial trucks touted apparently by the Japanese ‘Yankee’, a counterculture of so called misfits and delinquents.  Clearly they are of the more affluent kind, cause it looks like they drop some serious coins on their rigs.

Decorated trucks are found throughout Asia from Pakistan to India, Afghanistan, The Philippines, Thailand and Japan. That said, the Japanese have taken this to an art form with their über suped trucks inspired by Japanese anime such as Gundam and typically with enough electrical gadgetry to power a house year-round.

The truck in this video, customised for a Dell Alienware computer commercial, is even more amped up with 210+ custom controlled LED lights connected to a computer that controls each light and when orchestrated flash and synchronise to an equally hectic techno cum koto plucked soundtrack.

Depending on how you look at it, it could be the ravers new mode of transport or the next set of wheels destined for a Daft Punk video.



Dell Japan

Rhizomatiks Co. Ltd. | Twitter

Producer: Daisuke Nakahama

Creative Director: Seiichi Saito

Programmer:  Hiroyuki Hori

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