Death Metal Angola

Back in 1996 when Lil Kim released her album Hard Core– I was convinced, her lyrics were damn right hardcore. Nothing is as hardcore as death metal- but apparently “the hardest hardcore is Angolan hardcore”. As an aftermath to the bombings of the city Huambo, back in 1998, the death metal scene attracted a crowd of metal heads dedicated to the music genre which spoke of the previous battles and wars experienced in the country; -“a scream of revolt”- is what hardcore death metal is all about in Angola. The documentary film Death Metal Angola is directed by Jeremy Xido and produced by CABULA6 and Coalition Films, it’s about the first ever national rock concert in Angola, a project aimed to collect and expand rock music nation wise, covering the contemporary rock music scene. I can’t wait to see the complete version planned for release in 2012.

Meanwhile check out the trailer and stay tuned,visit:

Cinematographer: Johan Legraie / Editor: Todd Holmes / Producer: Joseph Castelo / Composer: Christian Frederickson / Sound : Oswald Juliana

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