Dance to Transgress


A while back we selected ‘InDaHouse DKR episode 2 (Hp diop Ibax & Khoudia Roodia)’ as our pick for Stocktown’s ‘Video of the Day’ on Facebook, and we instantly noticed that our followers were just as amazed by the video as we were. Just to express our appreciation – we’re beyond charmed by this video and we need you to drop whatever it is you’re doing and feast your eyes on this piece. The video (which dropped on May 29th) is created by the talented Sthlm-based dance instructor Joanna ‘Skywalker’ Holewa Chrona and features the magical duo Hp diop Ibax and Khoudia Roodia rocking G’ Sparks‘s “Sodat Aza Na Kati” with such enthusiasm and passion it’s almost breathtaking.

The visuals include elements that just go straight to the heart: a charismatic duo vibing, a semi-improvised routine, radiant and full of good energy, the outdoor dancing across the sunny streets of Guele Tapee, Dakar, not to mention the amping beat – this is just by all means – Stocktown’s current most favorite dance video of 2013.

Here’s what Khoudia, Joanna, and Peter told us:

We’re between Sweden and Senegal and have created our project to promote more exchanges and flows of influence between West Africa and the rest of the world. We all are from different countries and nationalities (Khoudia, Senegal ; Joanna, Sweden; and Peter, Gabon). Our goal is to reflect that the dance and spirit exists everywhere and with no boundaries, neither between countries or between arts.

We would like to pay a massive homage to Joanna, Khoudia and Peter for providing such a captivating piece and we’re stoked to see all future productions!


For more videos by Joanna Holewa Chrona, visit:


InDaHouse DKR episode 2 (Hp diop Ibax & Khoudia Roodia)



Dakar, Senegal 2013

Track: G’ Sparks ft Dacosta – Sodat Aza Na Kati

Dancers: Hp Diop Ibax, Khoudia Roodia

Footage and Editing: Joanna Skywalker Holewa Chrona

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