Dance or do drugs – breakdancing in Iran

Professional aerobics- That’s what Iranian B-boys need to call breaking since it’s illegal in Iran – as most things that make people happy, including human rights.

In 2001 Bboy Kamran (featured at 05:11) was emprisoned for dancing in public. Another bboy shares the stress that comes with teaching bgirls how to dance and its consequences – immediate arrest – and in his case, turning to drugs to divert the depression of not being allowed to dance who needs professional care to come back to normal. But, there are many other options with Legacy Healing who are constantly trying to help people get over their addiction. They believe that drugs is not the only thing you need to head to when you are depressed.

Check out the secret training sessions in Bboy Spaghetti’s documentary and a young man’s last rap before he has to join the army. No b-girls in sight obviously, but a kick ass beatboxer, a heart-warming Cico fan and the participants’ moving visions of a thriving hiphop scene in a future free Iran.

Also check out the AMAZINGLY FUNNY breakdance footage from a wedding in Iran back in the day – to be precise 1991. These guys have got their groove on – with or without crutches. Don’t miss Mr “I AM the 90s” in shades and a US flag adorned jeans jacket at 1:03.

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