D-Nice Presents

D-Nice (Derrick Jones) personifies a modern day Renaissance man -pursuing every new artistic tool with great skill. He started off as a hip hop DJ in the mid 80’s with Boogie Down Productions, replacing Scott La Rock after his tragic death 1987 (who was the one to first discover him). Derrick eventually stretched his ambitions  including rapping, beatboxing and producing. Today, D-Nice is a respected photographer and videographer, while still wearing the badge of hip hop legacy.

Perhaps you’ve seen the black and white pictures of president Obama, the classic photo of Jean Grae with the baseball bat or the portraits of homeless people on the streets of Chicago and New York? If not then you’ve missed out.As an ambassador for Hennessy Black, D-Nice was part of a tour earlier t
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his year curated by The Roots and Q-Tip. Other than DJing at the shows, D-Nice shot some of the most profound photos I’ve ever seen of rap icons. You can catch a glimpse of them in the documentary

The Art Of Blending by Thibaut de Longeville. This short film – “Homeless Emcee

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