Copyright? Copyleft?


Is any idea really original? Why do we care so much? Well, for those of us working in the creative business, ideas are the product. If we can’t protect our ideas, and get credit for them, how do we even make or keep making money? Thing is, aren’t most things derivative in some form or fashion…? Becoming a strong believer in shades of grey than black and white, wonder if copyright laws even protect the small guy.

Who has the money to launch a court case? In the States they take serious coin in legal fees. Wonder how many creatives have the resources, and pockets deep enough to hire a dream team to take on a blue chip. Not like most designers have $1Billion dollars in nickels kicking around if they happen to lose. But, maybe I am just digging my way into pennilessness.

Though I may not have my head wrapped around which is better copyright or copyleft, Nina Paley’s video ‘All Creative Work is Derivative‘ makes a pretty convincing, and slick case that even in ancient times, creative authenticity and inspiration didn’t happen in a vacuum. Guess we can really call this culture in motion.


All Creative Work Is Derivative

Photographed and animated by Nina Paley//@ninapaley
Music by Todd Michaelsen
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(Photographed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY) 

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