Clear Soul Forces – Fun side of Hip-Hop

Let’s head to the city known for emerging artists, Motown and timeless soul. I’d like to introduce you to four fellas currently innovating Detroit’s hip-hop scene with a bag of fresh air and who go by the name of Clear Soul Forces. Formed back in 09′ by the four members E-fav, L.A.Z, Noveliss and Ilajide who decided to record some sounds and kick it together in the studio. The arise of Clear Soul Forces became evident and the talents combined from this music-breathing soul, already feels like hip-hop history in the making.

Sound And Visionis a short documentary presented by Red Bull Soundstage highlighting the individual stories of emerging artists. I was really hyped to see CSF in this episode as they really deserve to get as much buzz possible and ‘Get No Better’ is a fact when it comes to CSF. This episode brings us a touching story of four guys who seem very down to earth. So let’s press play and get to know them a bit more, and of course go grab their latest releaseDetroit Revolution(s) via Bandcamp.

And if you can’t get enough of this hip-hop quartet -make sure to check out their very dope live session below captured at a record store while crate digging.

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