what can i do to get my ex back

Digital art with the right kind of subject-matter: urbanity. Urban Abstract is a clean, monochromatic animation/simulation of city movement, a highly conceptual and poetic take on space aesthetics. If it feels Nordic and minimalistic, it’s probably because it’s by Finnish art designer Jopsu Ramu and her collaborator Timu Ramu, founders of Helsinki/Tokyo based Musuta Ltd. Neither is a street artist, but that’s also what’s refreshing in a sense, and the grey, black.

what can i do to get my ex backk and rainy imagery in this video has its own unruffled way of representing the whole scope of urban reality, from the gritty curb to the highest of steel constructions. Besides: the seemingly coincidental play of patterns and formations of metropolitan shapes and skylines in this piece is not too far from the freely sprayed vibe of graffiti calligraphy.

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