City of Roars


Daniel Klauser is a DJ/producer from the Chilean label Diamante Records. He has participated in the most prestigious festivals performing with figures such as DiploMad Professor and A Guy Called Gerald. Klauser is considered one of the most prominent figures of dance music in South America and proves it by surprising us with this debut video.

The video for ‘Time’ (off the Fly & Fly EP) follows a man’s journey across various spots through the multicultural city of Santiago de Chile. A city, which today has become the centre of opportunities for neighbouring countries due to its economic agreements. Although the nation brings different cultures together in a country that’s booming economically, the social gaps still prevail. Here’s a video that criticises the current economic model and establishment, bringing a new voice to a continent that roars for human rights.


DANIEL KLAUSER – ” TIME ” (From Fly & Fly EP on Diamante Records)

Directed by: Rodrigo Susarte // Produced by: Florencia Larrea

Music: Daniel Klauser // Photography & Camera: Jose luis canales

DIT Jaime Gandara // Assistent of Photography: Jonathan Feks Serrano

Colour: Daniel Dávila // Montage: Furgoneta Films




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