Chiraq: 250 and counting

To get a grip of how violent Chicago is, go no further than this twitter handle @chiraqhomicide. Earlier this month, the city recorded its 250th homicides. No wonder it goes by the war-zone inspired nickname ‘Chiraq’. This documentary by photographer Will Robson-Scott paints a gruesome picture of the harsh reality of Chicago streets. A sobering, artistic and informative look at a city that is turning into an urban nightmare right in front of us.

Chi Raq by Will Robson-Scott

Director: Will Robson-Scott /
Editor: Luca Campanale /
Producer: Bridie Woodward
Executive Producer: William Rowe
Music by: Lee Rosevere

This film is presented by Protein with support by Plus. Will put together a zine to accompany the film, here.

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