Chilled & Thrilled

Above is the effect of NY-based artist Fatima Al-Quadiri”s latest track and video- Vatican Vibes, which is part of her upcoming EP, “Genre-Specific Xperience” (out on October 25th, 2011|UNO record label.

Each of the five tracks reinterpreting sub-genres of dance music to be accompanied by a video directed by a collaborating artist, this one by another NY-based casino great britain visual artist and CG master, Tabor Robak. Together they have reformulated the visual language for a track inspired by 90″s Gregorian trance with visuals that makes me think of one thing- Vector Ball. Vatican Vibes is a positively dissonant syncretism between video game aesthetics and the hallowed stained glass halls of Catholicism. However, ominous it make look- it leaves me chilled and thrilled.

GSX including all the videos will be screened at the official launch in New York at the New Museum on October 21th .

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