A Long Awaited Jab From Your Favourite Underdog: Namibia Will Knock You Out

Ever heard of Namibia Flores Rodriguez aka La Boxeadora? No? The name would ring a bell if it wasn’t for the Cuban Boxing Federation’s ridiculous ban on women competing in professional boxing. Namibia is a boxer at heart, who breaths and eats boxing day in, day out. It’s her passion, her religion. But, despite being a sensational boxer – the federation still fails to approve and recognise her brilliance, all because she was born a woman.

‘Namibia- Cuba’s female boxing revolution’ / BY Maceo Frost’s
‘Namibia- Cuba’s female boxing revolution’ / Directed by: Maceo Frost

In Sthlm-based Maceo Frost’s short ‘Namibia- Cuba’s female boxing revolution’ – we follow a personal and inspirational story about Namibia –  a boxer who is dying to represent her country in the Olympics one day. The short is far much more than just a story about boxing, it breaths of an undying perseverance to make it to the ring at all costs and breaking inequality. Namibia had our hearts in each and every scene, a mighty underdog with a willpower that could knock anyone out, who refuses to surrender to any given obstacle. You better watch the trailer. 

'Namibia- Cuba's Female Boxing Revolution' / By Maceo Frost
‘Namibia- Cuba’s Female Boxing Revolution’ / By Maceo Frost

Check the trailer above and stay tuned for the full 30 minute version out during this fall.

Directed by Maceo Frost. // Produced by Made by Forest // Service Production Company: Cubana Production.