Calling out to the Real Woman

First off: WOW, nuff said. Secondly (just a minor pointer) ‘H.O.W’  – as in House of Wallenberg – the initials which ironically encapsulate what I keep scratching my head over: How do you do it Petter Wallenberg? How have you managed to drop such topnotch videos during these past 6 months? Legendary is the keyword I’m looking for which synonymously goes in line with Sthlm’s ultimate jack of all trades who’s once again aced yet another video, bringing his A-game to the public with the latest track ‘Real Woman’ (via Mums Mums Records) of the critically acclaimed album Legends.

Here’s an anthem which salutes women across the world featuring the vocals of none other than Neneh Cherry and the late punk legend Ari Up (of The Slits). I’m diggin’ the overall good vibe exuberating through this video, the fierce line-up of Sthlm-based queens, the catchy chorus, the amping tune accompanied by the rainbowed illustrations, it’s on repeat and makes me hold my head up high.

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House of Wallenberg feat. Neneh Cherry & Ari Up – ”Real Woman” (2013)

 Director: Petter Wallenberg // Facebook // Soundcloud

Starring: P*fect, Mahoyo, Samantha, Jalane, Christopher, Katarina, Bishat, Frida

Cinematographer: Christian Hagward // Producer: Alexi Carpentieri // Graphic design: Theodor Johansson // Animation: Magnus Nytrøen // Styling: Josef Forselius // Hair: Tony Lundström //Make Up: Sofia Lewandrowsky // Editing: Joachim Stråning // Post production and colour grading: Emma Ringqvist // Assistant: Frasse Ivanovics



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